Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist

Born in Wyoming, Jesse has never felt like he's seen enough of the world. He attended school in Wisconsin, focusing on theater and storytelling. Seattle was a natural move to maintain proximity to friends and multi cultural experiences. He is slowly exploring each continent and as many countries as he can before it's too late. He is proud to call Seattle his home base and a fantastic city to raise his similarly adventurous and talented children. Art and creative expression keep him exploring. He draws his inspiration from nature and intuitive magic.

Illustration is his most enduring creative practice. Son of an illustrator, Jesse has been scribbling with all manner of tools since he could hold them. He has always been drawn to the fantastical and the macabre as subjects. Early childhood exposure to artists like Alphonse Mucha, Michael Hague, and Ivan Bilibin attuned his eye for precision, detail, pattern, and the importance of negative space.

Jewelry design worked its way into the family creative suite during his younger years. His mother brought back half a suitcase full of beads and talismans from India, and the call to adorn himself and others set in for good.

Carpentry came straight from theater and smoothly translated into work for museums, visitor centers, private residences, and outdoor spaces. He trends towards the practical with his carpentry work. Though he adds a touch of naturalism whenever he can. Arts and Crafts style carpentry is a large influence on his design aesthetic.

Ritual as an art is an honor to perform. The practice of recognizing and commemorating moments in time is used by all cultures and can range from the grand wedding to the simple act of putting on perfume. He has officiated many weddings and even a funeral, but is most drawn to very personal moments. Everyone faces truths and sometimes the act of facing them needs some fortification. Tattooing used to scare him. Certainly from the perspective of an actor, modifying your body is risky. But after some major life changes, he embraced the art form. He is currently learning the craft so future clients can use it as a focus for their own ritualistic intentions and commemorations.